Introduction to Tarot

Tarot and Astrology psychic readings. Online classes Tegan Forbes. Free forecasts and zodiac updates

No experience necessary

This beginner tarot class provides a solid foundation for understanding the meaning of each tarot card and how to read tarot spreads

Individual weekly readings

Enjoy a small class size offering lots of personal time. Prepare your question each week for Tegan to read as well as listen to the readings of others. Lots of practice in class time with expertise advice, support and guidance

Six weeks personal support

Strengthen your intuitive development and learn how to trust your own readings with email support and feedback from Tegan throughout the duration of the six weeks of classes

100% success at reading tarot cards

Tegan has been teaching tarot since 2010. All of her students increase their intuitive abilities. Some students have continued on to become independent readers after taking this class 

Monthly tarot practice after completion

After the first Introduction course has completed, you are invited to join the monthly tarot practice. This Tarot Salon will help you develop and maintain your tarot skills and continue to share your experiences with past students.

Monthly gatherings organized by Tegan at Spirits Eye Studio. Continue to practice your readings and build trust with your skills. Together through practice, conversations, and shared resources Tegan will help you become a stronger reader finding your own unique tarot expression within this exciting growing community. 

The Tarot Salon is held the last Friday of each month in part of the ArtSee Event at Beaumont Studios