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Tarot is a tool that creates a bridge between what is consciously known with what is unknown

Adding tarot readings to your event, elevates excitement and stimulates creative dialogue for team building actives at your retreat. Tegan's area of expertise accesses undercurrent energetic signatures that are at play within interpersonal dynamics. 

Connecting with Archetypal energy, invigorates critical thought to expand wider perspectives of comprehension enhancing group connection. 

My schedule is often booked up to six months in advance or more. Please email me soon for your reservation request 

Pricing starts at $295 for 75 minutes 

Travel prices additional 

Select events in Vancouver

  • Sun Yat-Sen Garden, Chinese New Year 2020
  • Hotel Belmont grand opening 2019
  • Charmed wrap s01 2019
  • Roper Greyell 2019
  • Indigo Books VIP night 2018
  • Indigo Books grand opening 2019
  • Kiernan Shipka's private party 2018
  • Kasian Architecture party 2018
  • Kasian Christmas party 2017
  • Man in the High Castle wrap s03 2017
  • Raven Conspiracy Wine  2017
  • Vancouver Club 'Blush Night' 2016
  • Borden Ladner Gervais LLP 2016

Past Retreats | Workshops
Queen of the Peak Tofino 2019 

Epic Equinox Event in Tofino 2019

Artist Retreat Venice Italy 2017

Tao Wellness in Tulum Mexico 2017

Picot in Victoria 2017

Nourish in Victoria 2016

Templed Mind in Victoria 2016

Surf Sister in Tofino 2016

House of Alaia in Tofino 2016

There are plenty of details to consider when adding tarot to your event, let me help you