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Astrology Readings

Astrology is more fixed as we are looking at "matter" in the form of planets. There is a predictable and mathematical cycle to Astrology and it talks about probabilities of alignment, energetic opportunities and past life knowledge that is being visited again in this lifetime. Astrology is a tool for investigating both conscious and unconscious behaviours and patterns that influence your relationships and life experiences. 

Tarot Readings

I start each tarot reading with an overview tarot spread that looks at what is happening in your life at this moment. This is a energetic and psychic assessment to gain clarification of the major influences that are rising to the surface in your life. From there we look closer at questions and topics you are interested in addressing. 

I use tarot as a vehicle for intuitive perception, to facilitate deeper insight into life situations as well as help with changes in perspective to strengthen positive awareness and empowerment. 

I will digitally record the tarot and astrology session and email it to you afterwards. Use the online booking to set up your reservation or email me. I look forward to connecting with you  tegan.tarot@gmail.com


Tegan’s classes are the result of two decades of studying symbolism, plus thousands of hours of tarot readings. 

In addition to her extensive tarot study, Tegan holds a Master of Fine Arts from The University of Concordia and has many years experience teaching visual art at the university level throughout Canada.