Foundation Astrology Class Online

Registration ends March 31, 2019

Tarot and Astrology Classes 2019

Foundation Astrology Classes; Learning To Read The Signs

Tarot and Astrology psychic readings Online classes #tegantarot Intuitive development coaching

April 7 to April 28
2:00 - 5:00pm PST 

Live online classes with ZOOM

Four sessions
Registration deadline March 31 

This beginner astrology class provides a framework for understanding the meaning of the natal chart. Learn about the 12 zodiac signs, houses and personal planets and how these influences effect our life choices, personality type and relationship dynamics. This exciting class is not to be missed

  • Includes a copy of your natal chart (birth time, day, year and location needed)
  • Weekly assignments to build your creative language 
  • Learn how to identify zodiac archetype energy and it’s personality expressions 
  • Detailed examples of how your life is revealed through the lens of astrology in your natal chart 
  • Recognize Natural Laws and alignment with the Four Elements of the Zodiac

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Tarot Classes

Tarot and Astrology psychic readings Online classes #tegantarot Intuitive development free updates

October 6 to November 10 

2:00 -5:00pm

Six Sessions

$360.00 + tax

Classes will be held at the serene writing studio of

Regan d'Andrade 

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This detailed tarot series provides a solid foundation for understanding the meaning of each tarot card and how to utilize two unique tarot spreads. Through this six week series you will increase your familiarity with archetypal energy while activating your intuitive abilities. Enjoy intimate personalized class time with expert support and guidance from Tegan. 

Classes also include

  • Weekly tarot readings
  • A customized workbook
  • Unlimited email support and feedback with practicing for the duration of the six weeks of class

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