Tarot Readings by Tegan
Tarot Readings by Tegan

  • Monthly Forecast

    April 2018
    The energies of April offer a glimpse into many possible new realities. As feelings oscillate during this month a peaceful and steady pace will prove fortunate for navigating tricky undercurrents or obstacles.

    March 2018
    The first day of spring brings hope forward again. With new growth in nature and warmer weather new gifts are being received through our light body and sensitivity. The special day of March 20th (Equinox) harmonizes the light between day and night, providing a reset for feelings and presents new opportunities for each of us. 

    February 2018

    The monthly forecast for February offers emphasis of an introspective gaze. February invites us to cultivate heightened intuitive guidance in order to have clarity with how we choose to cultivate and initiate our next step forward

    January 2018 

    January is a tremendously significant month not only for the start of the new calendar year but also the astro energetic influences. The super moon of January 2 rode full and high into the cold winter sky invoking humour. The second full moon (blue moon) of January rises on the last day, January 31 displaying a Leo lunar eclipse. The impact of this phenomenon is magnificent in that our innocence will have access to maturity.  



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