Group Readings & Private Parties

Quick Party Readings

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Approximately 5 minute reading/ guest

Group readings are perfect for large private parties and celebrations when you want to add something fun and unique to your exclusive event

What to expect

Each guest receives a short tarot reading. This is a personalized taste of tarot with a unique reading for each guest. Readings can be done in the middle of the party or off to the side in privacy, bringing a unique and exciting dynamic to your special event. I aim to offer as many readings as possible within the time provided; approximately 4-6minutes per reading. 


Psychic readings, Intuitive Development, Vancouver Tarot parties, Tarot Classes #tegantarot

15 minute reading/ guest

Wonderful for special occasions and intimate settings transforming you party into a memorably uplifting experience of wonder and insight

What to expect

  • Each guest enjoys a 15 minute reading looking into the deeper reflections of one's life
  • This opportunity creates new perspective into one's soul journey as well as empowering ways to clear unconscious blocks or obstacles
  • Each guest will receive an emailed recording of their reading 

Invigorating Reflections

Psychic readings, Intuitive Development, Vancouver Tarot parties, Tarot Classes #tegantarot

30 minute reading/ guest

This customized experience will add new heights of personal self care and pampering to your retreat, gathering or workshop. Ideal for activating psychic guidance, empowerment and inner reflection for each guest

What to expect

  • Each guest enjoys a 30 minute reading offering clarity through psychic guidance
  • This exciting and helpful experience is ideal for mobilizing intuitive development and navigating one's bigger designs of karmic destiny
  • Each guest will receive a hand written power animal spirit guide message to keep
  • Emailed recording of their reading

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Rates for events

Hourly Rate $225/hr +GST

Minimum 1.5hrs up to 4hrs

Travel cost may apply

Previous Client Events

Film industry wrap parties

Holiday celebrations

Corporate VIP evenings

Product release nights
Blogging special events

Healing retreats 

Yoga workshops

Self care and empowerment evenings

Women’s circles

Bridal/Baby showers

Book in advance

Email to get a quote for your special event 

To insure availability please email three weeks minimum before your event if possible