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  • Thank you so much for your teaching.  I know your tarot workshop really changed my life, and although I haven't fully absorbed all of this astrology class yet, I'll be sure to study more on my free time this summer.  I love your outlook and perspective to putting these large scale ideas into the small analyses of our lives. Thank you for the gifts of your knowledge, I look forward to further studies with you. 

  • I have been thinking about booking a reading with you again for some time, I am nearly ready. The reading you gave me a year ago has turned out to be remarkably the thing that I needed to begin a long awaited journey and many things that you elucidated at that time are still becoming clear to me and revealing their significance. The money I paid you for your services will never be enough to express my gratitude for the difference you made, the things I needed to hear, the parts of myself you pointed to that I didn’t even know existed, thank you. 

  • I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge your beautiful and insightful message and to tell you how much I appreciate you and your work and the kind and generous way that you share your ancient wisdom. Your messages feel subtle and graceful when delivered, yet they are powerful and inspiring and they consistently resonate very deeply for me. Thank you very much.  

  • Thank you so much Tegan for sharing your beautiful gift and for being the kind and generous soul that you are.  You have soothed both my heart and soul.  I feel that 'He' is grateful to you as well for helping me to become aware of new channels of connection with him. 

  • Thank you again, Tegan. I feel such a huge relief (and joy) and release of mental clutter, you're such a talented and soul filled reader, wow. Will be in touch again for sure. Be well and many blessings. 

  • Your reading today was accurate and healing for me.  Thank you for your intuition and the kind way you delivered the reading.  I would like to come again to see you once I have let your information settle in my system.

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Tarot Readings by Tegan #tegantarot, Google Business Reviews

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Tarot Readings by Tegan #tegantarot, Yelp Reviews