Introduction to Astrology

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No experience necessary

This beginner astrology class provides a framework for understanding the meaning of the natal chart. Learn about the 12 zodiac signs, houses and personal planets 

Personalized brith chart

Receive a copy of your natal chart to learn more about yourself through this metaphysical tradition of ancient wisdom. You will need to provide your birth time, location and year  

Past, Present, Future

Learn how to decode the symbols of past life experience in order to better understand current desires and needs, helping build healthier relationships and fulfilling career choices

Personalized chart interpretation

Each class will cover the specific examples from each student's chart. Discover the synchronistic patterns within the group as well as individual dynamics and personality traits of the students enrolled

Evolutionary Astrology

Evolutionary Astrology embraces the concept that the soul incarnates through a succession of lifetimes to learn, grow and develop. Each of us is responsible for the choices we make asking, “Why am I here and what are my lessons?”.  Evolutionary Astrology specifically looks as the natal chart and aspects of the planetary positions for guidance and insight to help address questions of soul consciousness and expansion. The natal chart is the starting point for looking at the karmic destiny for soul growth, yet it is up to the individual with how one chooses to participate in the evolution, healing and development of their own life.

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Is astrology for you?

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Are you looking for deeper understanding

Life’s rhythms are created by the push and pull of opposite forces. As we learn to create inner alignment to our innate gifts and talents we can prevent our perception being overrun by melodrama and fear of the unknown. 

Astrology helps to better comprehend our centre point within our personal life, family dynamics, relationship goals, creative self expression and career. By strengthening our centre point we create an advantage for reconciliation and harmonizing ourself

Astrology, Tarot Readings, online classes #tegantarot, Tegan Forbes, zodiac, planets, natal chart

Do you find yourself searching for new levels of fulfilment and intimacy

Insight and understanding come from reflection, therefore in our search for fulfilment we start with looking at the emotional scars of past wounds. Astrology is an expert tool for revealing the patterns of self sabotage we have been unconsciously repeating from life time to life time.

By revealing past life dynamics that are hold trauma signatures we better understand the nature of our what the soul desires for love, purposeful expression and intimacy fulfilment this lifetime

Astrology, Tarot Readings, online classes #tegantarot, Tegan Forbes, zodiac, planets, natal chart

As above, so below

Awaken the power of ancient teachings of Natural Law through the lens of Astrology. As you come to know the zodiac signs and planets in your birth chart a wider perspective is revealed connecting the infinite cycles of life, death and rebirth. Illuminating the power of your birthright and sacred place within the universe

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