About Tegan


I am passionate about the work I do

When I am intuiting for each client, telepathic symbols, codes and patterns reveal themselves to me. I pour my heart into this information to communicate very private and distinct messages for each individual. 

The sensitive nature of this work requires a non-judgemental perspective: holding the space for emotional support and empowerment. Each session illuminates new perspectives of guidance to help change outmoded belief systems and stimulate clear choices


Tegan works with tarot to communicate positive perspectives on large scale ideas

Clients seeking monthly sessions will find success with: 

  • Unlocking blocks and repetitive patterns
  • Support through challenging situations
  • Clearing sabotage behaviours
  • Heart opening, awakening higher sensory perception 
  • Deepening emotional sensory responses 
  • Demonstrating authentic self expression  
  • Establish acceptance with non-judgemental perception
  • Expanding compassion & empathy to know oneself better  

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Tegan’s tarot classes are the result of two decades of studying symbolism, plus thousands of hours of tarot readings

Tegan brings new perspectives on how to access innate wisdom in order to amplify one’s personal power and heart-based self knowledge. The study of intuitive development strengthens mental clarity, and facilities expanded consciousness. 

In addition to her extensive tarot study, Tegan holds a Master of Fine Arts from The University of Concordia and has many years experience teaching visual art at the university level throughout Canada.