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Introduction to Tarot Online
Thursday Evenings 6pm -9pm
(Pacific time)
September 21 to October 26

2 hour instruction + 1 hour group practice

Tuition $325 Canadian Dollars GST

Deepen your trust and learn to follow your intuition. Practice opening you subconscious mind and interpreting patterns, symbols and elemental sequences of the tarot deck. Explore the psychological Archetypes of tarot as another tool for personal growth and insight.

  • Personally guided live classes from Tegan utilizing 10 years of professional tarot experience
  • Custom printable workbook
  • Live weekly webinar classes with replay link to review classes anytime
  • Weekly live group practice sessions, including one on one readings

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Class Outline

  • Brief history of tarot
  • Decode the meaning of the minor and major arcana
  • Elemental Dignities
  • The journey of soul evolution through archetypal energies
  • Two new tarot spreads
  • Thursday group practices together online
  • Workbook (17 pages) PDF printable

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This series is open to everyone who is curious to learn more about tarot. No experience necessary. Rider-Waite tarot deck will be referenced.

You will confidently be reading cards
by the end of this series



Tarot Spreads and Layouts

Tarot Spreads
The key for accessing the information you seek

3 hour class

Tuition $150 Canadian Dollars GST

Each tarot spread offers unique insight into the depth, time frame and timeline helping decode the question being asked. In this class I will teach you how to design your own tarot spread and how to choose the best tarot spread for the specific questions you are being asked.

Knowing different spreads will give your readings more depth and clarity expanding your knowledge of tarot reading. It is just as important to know which tarot spread to use, as knowing the meaning of each card.

Sunday October 29
3-6pm @ Studio location, Victoria BC

Saturday November 4
3-6pm @ Studio location, East Vancouver

Sunday December 3
4-7pm Online

Intermediate Tarot Class

Deepen your expertise with these four complex tarot spreads. As well as, learn how to design your own unique spread.

The Zodiac Spread is great for forecasting a year or reading the outlook for new starts, birthdays and special celebrations. Offers a close link between astrology and tarot. I like to use this as a personal horoscope when I read for myself.

The Romantic Spread is an in-depth look at the relationship dynamics between two people. This is a highly effective way of navigating the unconscious rhythms between two people in a close relationship dynamic. Often karmic times and links to past lives will be revealed in this spread.

Kachina Knife is a great tool for comparison. Very close to finding yes/no answers, gaining clarification with specifics and finding likely outcomes.

Celtic Cross offers an in-depth look at the soul journey through the situation at hand. This classic tarot spread can access profound insight into how blessings and entanglements weave patterns in life with past/present/future dynamics.

Introduction to Tarot as my past student
A comfortable understanding with tarot cards


Mastering the symbols

Advanced Tarot
Mastering the symbols

Thursday Evenings 6pm -8pm(pacific time)
November 2 to December 7
Seminar style class instruction

Tuition $325 Canadian Dollars GST

This class is for you if you have been practicing tarot for a while and feel:

  • Relatively comfortable reading for yourself and others
  • You are seeking a deeper connection with the cards
  • You are trying to find a “perfect” deck for yourself or design your own deck
  • You want to take your readings to the next level to be used for healing and energy work
  • You like learning about tarot

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Class Outline

  • Compare different tarot decks
  • Learn about the “gate keeper” cards
  • Discover the deeper psychology behind the order of the Major Arcana
  • Key cards for evolution, ascension activation, and karmic balancing
  • A glance at how tarot works with chakras and astrology

Introduction to Tarot as my past student
A solid understanding of tarot cards
including at least 2 yrs of practice